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     A Must Have Collection for any Detective Fan!!!

Starring - Michael Rennie & Jonathan Harris 

48 Television Shows on 12 DVD's

PLUS - Bonus CD of "The Lives of Harry Lime" Old Time Radio Show







The Third Man was an early private detective show. Harry Lime is an international man of mystery - unruffable, handsome, and witty, who lives on the edge of danger. Bradford Webster is the conservative treasurer of his corporations.

The series was based on the 1949 film The Third Man starring Orson Welles. The character was changed from a criminal into a sort of "thief with a conscience" for the subsequent popular 1951 radio series, "The Lives of Harry Lime" (also starring Welles and the Bonus that comes with this set). The TV series changes the premise that Harry Lime died at the end of the movie, and morphs him from a criminal into a much less ambiguous, more sympathetic, man with a conscience.





12 Volume DVD Set 12 Volume DVD Set

Collection comes in DVD cases with Show Titles on Each Disc

The Collectors Edition includes the following Shows

DVD Disc 1:
Queen of the Nile
The Best Policy
Frame Up
      Harry Lime and the King       

DVD Disc 2:
High Finance 
Death in Small Installments
Judas Goat
The Day of the Bullfighter

DVD Disc 3:
The Cross of Candos 
Gold Napoleons
Castle in Spain
A Crisis in Crocodiles

DVD Disc 4:
Three Dancing Turtles
Confessions of an Honest Man
The Way of McEagle
Hollywood Incident

DVD Disc 5:
The Man Who Died Twice
Dark Island
A Little Knowledge
Hansel and Son

DVD Disc 6:
Happy Birthday
Meeting of the Board
Listen for the Sound of a Witch

DVD Disc 7:
Barcelona Passage
The Third Medallion
As the Twig is Bent
Ghost Town

DVD Disc 8:
The Luck of Harry Lime
A Question of Libel
The Trial of Harry Lime
Hamburg Shakedown

DVD Disc 9:
Members Only (1) 
Members Only (2) 
Trouble at Drill Hill
King's Ransom

DVD Disc 10:
The Unexpected Mr. Lime
Sparks from a Dead Fire
Calculated Risk

DVD Disc 11:
A Pocketful of Sin
Broken Strings
How to Buy a Country
Diamond in the Rough
A Question in Ice

DVD Disc 12:
Toys of the Dead
One Kind Word 
The House of Bon-Bons


All Shows are in the Public Domain


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