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68 Episodes from Television on 17 DVD's

Plus as a Bonus - 229 Radio Shows in MP3 on 1 DVD

Wild Bill Hickok Collection



Guy Madison .......... James Butler Hickok 
Andy Devine .......... Jingles B. Jones 

The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok was a western action series about a U.S. Marshall and his 300 pound sidekick who brought bad guys to justice in the old west. Wild Bill Hickok's sidekick, Jingles, would always introduce him as "The bravest, strongest, fightingest U.S. Marshall in the whole west!

There was a real-life Wild Bill Hickok. He was the Marshall of Abilene, Kansas. He also had worked as a Union scout during the civil war, an indian scout for Colonel Custer and even as a pony express rider!

Jingles' horse was named "Joker" and "Buckshot" was ridden by Wild Bill Hickok.

Wild Bill Hickok Opening Narrative:
(Andy Devine's voice as Jingles:)
Andy Devine: "WILD ... BILL ... HICKOK!!!"
Narrator: "Starring Guy Madison as Wild Bill Hickok"
Andy Devine: "Hey, Wild Bill ... wait for me!"
Narrator: "And Andy Divine as his pal, Jingles"



The Collectors Edition includes the following TV Episodes

The Rock Springs Rustlers 
Indian Bureau Story 
Ghost Town Story 
The Boulder City Election 
The Lady School Teacher 
Mexican Rustlers Story 
Border City 
Ex-Convict Story 
The Slocum Family 
Medicine Show 
Blacksmith Story 
Mexican Gun Running Story 
School Teacher Story 
Vigilante Story 
The Professor's Daughter 
The Outlaw's Son 
Savvy, the Smart Little Dog 
Wild White Horse 
The Trappers Story 
The Boy and the Bandit 
Jingles Becomes a Baby Sitter 
The Fortune Telling Story 
Prairie Flats Land Swindle 
Marriage Feud at Ponca City 
Grandpa and Genie 
Wagon Wheel Trail 
Chain of Events 
The Doctor Story 
The Sheriff was a Redhead 
Hands Across the Border 
The Avenging Gunman 
The Monster in the Lake 
The Maverick 
Stolen Church Funds 
Ol' Pardner Rides Again 
Gorilla at Owlhoot Mesa 
Cry Wolf 
The Boy and the Hound Dog 
The Sheriff's Secret 
To the Highest Bidder 
Outlaw's Portrait 
The Music Teacher 
Old Cowboys Never Die 
Blake's Kid 
Treasure Trail 
The Hideout 
Halley's Comet 
Blind Alley 
The Golden Rainbow 
The Kangaroo Kaper 
The Missing Diamonds 
Wild Bill's Odyssey 
The Rainmaker 
Ghost Town Lady 
The Runaway Wizard 
Civilian Clothes Story 
Homer Atchison 
Silver Stage Holdup 
A Joke on Sir Anthony 
Battle Line 
The Return of Red Hawk 
The Angel of Cedar Mountain 
The Nephew from Back East 
The Kid from Red Butte 
Wrestling Story 
The Lady Mayor 

The Contents of this collection are from the Public Domain


18 Volume DVD Set

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68 Episodes from Television on 17 DVD's

Plus as a Bonus - 229 Radio Shows in MP3 on 1 DVD


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