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 Richard Diamond Private Detective

 Starring David Janssen

Complete Television Series from 1957 - 1960 
Contains  75 Episodes in a 13 Dvd Collection, 
With On Screen Menus

Richard Diamond is a suave private eye who, at first, walks the mean streets of New York, then later packs up and moves to Los Angeles, where he tools around in a convertible with a car phone. His friend, Lieutenant McGough, was also good for inside information on the case he was working on. His sexy receptionist Sam, whose face we never see, minds the office, while Diamond solves his cases.

Plus as an Added Bonus 

Dick Powell stars as Richard Diamond, Private Detective, 
in the Original Old Time Radio Shows that started it all.

101 Shows on 2 Cd's from 1949 - 1953 

These CD's are in the MP3 Format


The quality of these shows on DVD is very good. The DVD's will play on all DVD players.

 Season 1 - 1957

 The Mickey Farmer Case
 Escape from Oak Lane
 Picture of Fear
 Hit and Run
 Big Score
 The Chess Player
 The Torch Carriers
 The Pete Rocco Case
 Venus of Park Avenue
 Merry-Go-Round Case

Season 2 - 1958

 The Space Society
 The Dark Horse
 The Payoff
 Double Jeopardy
The Ed Church Case
 Chinese Honeymoon
 A Cup of Black Coffee
 The George Dale Case
 Juvenile Jacket
 Pension Plan
 Short Haul
 Another Man's Poison
 The Purple Penguin
 Lost Testament
 The Percentage Takers
 Widow's Walk
Bungalow Murder
One Foot in the Grave
 Snow Queen

Season 3 - 1959 - 1960

 The Sport
 Pack Rat
Body of the Crime
 Soft Touch
Boomerang Bait
 Matador Murder
Murder at the Mansion
Marine land Mystery
 Charity Affair
 Two for Paradise
Crown of Silla
 The Limping Man
Rough Cut
Family Affair
Design for Murder
Act of Grace
The Client
The Runaway
No Laughing Matter
The Messenger
The Counselor
The Image
The Adjuster
Marked for Murder
The Caller
One Dead Cat
Dead to the World
Seven Swords
The Fine Art of Murder

Season 4 - 1960

The Popskull
 And Whose Little Baby Are You?
 Fallen Star
Coat of Arms
Double Trouble
The Lovely Fraud
Accent on Murder
East of Danger
Running Scared
The Mouse


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