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     A Must Have Collection for any Science Fiction Fan!!!

Men Into Space
starring William Lundigan 

All 38 Television Shows on 10 DVD's



William Lundigan




Men Into Space a black-and-white weekly television series aired between September 1959 and September 1960. The star of the series was the actor William Lundigan, who played Colonel Ed McCauley. It was the first attempt at a realistic portrayal of what engineers believed it would be like in the near future when manned space flight to Earth orbit, the Moon, asteroids, and Mars became routine. Although it is clear in retrospect that the creators of the series were much too optimistic about how easy it would be to build such things as a cheap ground-to-orbit and ground-to-Moon transportation system, a space station providing rotation-induced artificial gravity, and a permanently manned Moon base, they were surprisingly accurate in their predictions in many ways.


10 Volume DVD Set

Brand New/Shrinkwrapped

Collection comes in DVD cases with Show Titles on Each Disc


The Collectors Edition includes the following Shows

DVD Disc 1:

Moon Probe
Moon Landing
Building A Space Station
Water Tank Rescue

DVD Disc 2:

Lost Missile
Space Trap

DVD Disc 3:

Edge of Eternity
First Woman on the Moon
Christmas on the Moon

DVD Disc 4:

Tankers In Space
Sea of Stars
A Handful of Hours

DVD Disc 5:
Caves of the Moon
Dateline: Moon
Moon Cloud

DVD Disc 6:
Dark of the Sun
Verdict in Orbit 
Is There Another Civilization

DVD Disc 7:

Shadows on the Moon
Flash in the Sky
Lunar Secret
Voice of Infinity

DVD Disc 8:

From Another World
Emergency Mission
Beyond the Stars
Mission to Mars

DVD Disc 9:

Moon Trap
Flare Up
Into the Sun
The Sun Never Sets

DVD Disc 10:

Mystery Satellite

Flight to the Red Planet

All Shows are in the Public Domain

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