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A Must Have Collection for any Horror Fan!!!


30 Television Shows on 7 DVD's

Plus a Special Bonus of 69 Episodes of the 1935 - 1946

Lights Out Radio Show





This horror series is based on the popular radio horror program of the same name.

All of these TV episodes were broadcast "live" from soundstages, and filmed on kinescope. Sources for these shows vary, some still contain their original 1950s network commercials.


 Some of the Cast includes,  Robert Sterling, Joseph Wiseman, Burgess Meredith, Yvonne DeCarlo, Leslie Nielsen, Basil Rathbone, Donald Woods, John Carradine, Robert Stack, Veronica Lake, Lee J. Cobb, Otto Kruger, Martha Scott, John Forsythe and many more.


7 Volume DVD Set

Less than $1 per Episode - What A Deal!

Collection comes in DVD cases with Show Titles on Each Disc


The Collectors Edition includes the following Shows

DVD Disc 1:

And Adam Begot 
Dead Man's Coat 
Dark Image
The Meddlers
Strange Legacy 

DVD Disc 2:

The Deal 
The Martian Eyes 
The Faceless Man 
Another Country 
The Lost Will of Dr. Rant 

DVD Disc 3:

Beware This Woman 
The Mad Dullaghen 
The Veil
Perchance to Dream

DVD Disc 4:

Grey Reminder
The Man With the Watch
The Fonceville Curse
Curtain Call


DVD Disc 5:

The Angry Birds
Just What Happened
The Passage Beyond 
The Pattern 

DVD Disc 6:
Cat's Cradle
Mrs. Manifold 
For Release Today 

DVD Disc 7:

The Silent Supper 
The Devil in Glencairn
I, Spy
The Upstairs Floor

CD Disc 8:

Lights Out
Old Time Radio Shows
In MP3 
69 Episodes

All Shows are in the Public Domain and Compiled from various sources

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